🫵  Acronyms, I love them. Honestly, on their face they look gimmicky. Seriously though, if you explore and dig deep and really look and reflect, in my opinion, they have real value. I often use them as drivers to kick off my subconscious to remind my conscious self of the reality of the situation. So, by that I mean, how I used to see the world and my place in it. Compared to how I should really see it and where I belong in it. They are truly quick, kick in the butts, eyeopeners, awakenings, whatever term you care to use, to show you that the situation you perceive may not be one to be believed. So below I have put a few of my favorites. I hope that you too can see their value. Drop a comment, let’s start an active discussion on these. Let’s go deeper on each with examples for clarity. I want to show you how it can affect the outcome of negative thinking.

👉  FEAR     False Evidence Appearing Real

👉  FAIL      First Attempt In Learning

👉  END      Effort Never Dies

👉  NO        Next Opportunity

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