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You know those mental obstacles big & small that stop us from our true potential.

👉 Professional or personal we all have them, me included. How we deal with them, well……   You know when I first encountered how debilitating blocks have become, I had to look at myself. What was it that was holding me back from short term success with my clients Why was coaching such a long-drawn-out process? Was it because the brain is so complex.? Was it because Life just never stops moving? Was it because I wasn’t good at my skill?  ALL the above?

👉 Why could I not have them truly be able to self-help themselves? So, I dug deep.   I understood it is not just a problem. See a block has many factors to it A block is different from a problem. See a problem to me is Example:  I misplaced my keys. While a block is a debilitating force preventing you from something you are more than capable of succeeding at.   SO why is it that you can’t succeed at it? What is that mysterious force? How did it get there? What do I need to do to remove it?

 👉 By exploring and using the techniques and skills I learned over 27 years on myself I found the key. I road tested a few “victims [laugh] clients. I began to integrate the same tools I use on myself almost daily with my clients.   Simple yet highly effective tools. Their experiences went from being victims to victors all in the shortest time from 8-10 weeks. They acquired clarity and the skills to move beyond their blocks without me, my goal had come to fruition.

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