Discipline or How to Train Your Dragon.

So today I want to open a discussion on discipline. Having always been a rule follower you could say I had a discipline of sort. I mean you need discipline to follow rules, right? But what about self-discipline, where you write the rules.  Man did I struggle with that. Sometimes I found that my self-imposed rules in fact were constantly changing to fit my mood and holding me back. They often created seeds of doubt. Do you find this to be true in you as well? Through self-coaching I have come to gain some clarity on discipline. See, for me discipline is seeing the act through in all its stages to completion.

         The trick is you need to be clear on why you are doing the task. Is it, you need to do it, if your like me I hate that I need to do most things.  Most times that come with resentment. Which in that case you will never achieve 100 % of that goal. Or is it you want to do it?    They are both powerful in their own way.

         So, I guess what I am suggesting is combine your “need to” with you want to.

         There in the differences lies. See need and want while two separate entities of thought, combined create a force for discipline. Each serves a purpose to each other. When you clarify how your need aids your want and visa versa discipline is not such a harsh word.

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