👉 Have you ever noticed that the harder you try to focus the more distracted you get? That is because your real focus, consciously, is on the distraction. You have trained your conscious brain to seek out that which it already knows, confusion. There is mathematic principle that says the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.  But the straight line to focus requires the correct question to illicit the correct answer. Wrong Questions, like why can’t I concentrate? Just bring about the answer your brain is familiar with, and the cycle repeats itself. It seeks out the shortest distance between two points. The question and the answer you are all too familiar with. I can’t concentrate because of, everyone & everything else but me.

       👉 A Resolution to that, well ask yourself better questions to get better answers. Your subconscious will seek out the better result. Truly, it will find the productive answer that gets you from point A to point Z in the shortest time possible. So, for example, instead of asking, why can’t I focus? Say, what do I need to do to focus? Reframe your question for a more positive result. Your computer like brain will search the data you’re not even aware of. It will give you you’re aha moment.  Use your subconscious like a pair of binoculars, dial yourself in, get clear on what you need. Focus requires clarity. Let that be the driving force to the result you need.  A little tip. One way to get clear is to write things down It is a scientific fact that writing and reading that written word is extremely more powerful that the spoken word.

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