👉 Mindset, something that you probably have heard a lot about.  I admit in the past I was kind of predictable with my choices because once my mind was set that was it.  Guess what, that really didn’t serve me well, let me explain. It left no room to experience, to grow. My core beliefs and values were set, but that’s not what I mean here. I mean leaving the door open to being able to RESET your mind, an open mind if you will One willing to have experiences that change the dynamics of how you grow personally. Experiences and knowledge that expand and move you forward with purpose.  See I believe once you are clear on your purpose you operate on a much higher level than before. I know this to be true for me.

 👉  You know Einstein said, Imagination is more important than knowledge. To IMAGINE is to grow. See, I believe that you can not create the life you deserve without imagining it first. This requires your mind to constantly reset. Any event causes you mind to reset It is just to what degree.

👉  I do believe you mind is never really set Good or Bad, it it’s just temporarily stuck. New events, new circumstances, new skills always appear and change your mind. You know those AHA moments that create and spark your imagination, Mind reset. Remember at one time most people thought the world was flat mind reset. How could we ever communicate thru a box, let alone on our watch, mind rest See to imagine is to constantly re set your mind.

Set new wants, new needs, new goals IMAGINE

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