Procrastination The Thief of Time

          I was thinking of holding this post off, ha, just kidding. Seriously though I suffered with terrible procrastination. I excused putting things off that were vital to my growth .. Using the excuse “I am weighing all options”. When in fact, I just plain didn’t want to deal with it. I just wasn’t waiting and weighing my options I was forestalling the inevitable. It was just plain stalling. Stalling in hopes of some magic change that would never occur.

         So, what is it that keeps us from “doing “the thing we know we need to do. Well, I will tell you it is FEAR. But usually it’s unfounded, It is the acronym F>E>A>R I love to use to explain what I mean. FALSE EVIDENCE THAT APPEARS REAL

            Let’s say you get a letter from the IRS, and it says please contact us at your earliest convenience. Well, most people never think talking to the IRS is convenient. So, you keep putting it off, the call that is. Because your mind is   distracted fabricating the worst-case scenarios, thus creating false evidence that appears real. Finally, you call after maybe a potential HEART ATTACK, no sleep, and a boat load of anxiety….and all they wanted to know was that they had the correct mailing address. Yes, a stinking address confirmation.  Now Confirmed by your call.

         Looking back on my bouts with procrastination I lost out on sooooooooooooooo many opportunities that could have served me well How did I remedy this. Well, I love to be the best that I can be. So, I decided to be the PROCRASTINATOR by put off putting things off.

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