Experiential Learning Sessions:

Our workshops offer a dynamic blend of visualizations,  group exercises, and coaching sessions to engage and inspire participants. Each session is designed to invigorate and re-energize attendees in a non-traditional learning environment. 

The program is flexible and tailored according to the specific needs and objectives of your organization. Customization options can include adjusting the focus areas, duration, or delivery format to align with your company’s goals and preferences.

As a bonus, we offer supplementary resources or follow-up support to enhance the learning experience and ensure ongoing development. This could include access to online tools, reading materials, or follow-up coaching sessions to reinforce learning and facilitate continuous improvement.


By providing such tools you will:

  1. Enhance Employee Performance:

Empower your team members to reach their full potential. Our program focuses on personal and team skill development, performance improvement,  productivity and leadership enhancement. All leading to tangible results in productivity and efficiency and personal self worth.


  1. Foster Employee Engagement and Retention:

Investing in employee well-being pays dividends. By offering self-coaching opportunities, you demonstrate a commitment to the growth and success of your workforce and company, fostering loyalty and reducing turnover rates producing a healthier bottom line.


  1. Drive Positive Organizational Culture:

A positive work environment is conducive to success. Self-coaching promotes well-being, resilience, and adaptability, creating a culture of positivity, collaboration, and innovation within your organization.



Invest in the future success of your organization by empowering your employees with the Self-Coaching Masters Workshop. Join us on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation. Together, let’s unlock the potential within.


We are a company who set and demand high standards. We strive to meet and exceed these standards daily. We have found your presentations to do the same. It is rare when a seminars enthusiasm lasts beyond the day of presentation, let alone weeks as yours have

Stephen P.


You have given us the tools to allow your seminar to carry over indefinitely.

Mitchell L.K.)


Joe helped me to focus on the essential aspects of my business and to avoid being distracted by peripheral issues. I found Joe to be a great listener who was extremely intuitive and empathetic. His years as a business owner in New York City prepared him to see challenges from business owners’ perspective and to provide clear guidance that was based on ethics and morality which defined a vision of success for me.

John M


After your session with us, my team and I took your “subconscious” suggestions and put them to work. I don’t believe any of us lacked sales confidence during our recent trade show in Las Vegas. Your suggestions are still at work in us today and they certainly helped lead us to a successful show

Louis K.S.