👉Have you ever noticed that the harder you try to focus the more distracted you get? That is because your real focus, consciously, is on the distraction itself. You have trained your conscious brain to seek out that which it already knows, confusion. There is a mathematical principle that says the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.  But the straight line to focus requires  asking the correct question to elicit the correct answer. Wrong Questions, like, why can’t I focus ? Honestly, they just bring about the wrong answer again and again. So   the cycle repeats itself. Your trained  brain  seeks out the shortest distance between two points. The question and the answer you are all too familiar with. 

       👉 A Resolution to that is, ask yourself better questions, to get better answers. Your subconscious will seek out the better result. Truly, it will find the productive answer that gets you from point A to point Z in the shortest time possible. So, for example, instead of asking, why can’t I focus? Say, what do I need to do to focus? Reframe your question for a more positive result. Your computer-like brain will search the data you’re not even aware of. It will give you your “ aha “ moment.  Use your subconscious like a pair of binoculars, focus yourself , get clear on what you need. Let that be the driving force to the result you need.  A little tip. One way to get clear is to write things down. It is a scientific fact that writing and reading that written word is extremely more powerful than the spoken word.


Acronyms, I love them. Honestly, on their face they look gimmicky. Seriously though, if you explore and dig deep and really look and reflect, in my opinion, they have real value. I often use them as drivers to kick off my subconscious to remind my conscious self of the reality of the situation. So, by that I mean, how I used to see the world and my place in it. Compared to how I should really see it and where I belong in it. They are truly quick, kick in the butts, eye openers, awakenings. Whatever the term you care to use that shows you that the situation you perceive may not be one to be believed. So below I have put a few of my favorites. I hope that you too can see their value.

👉  FEAR     False Evidence Appearing Real

👉  FAIL      First Attempt In Learning

👉  END      Effort Never Dies

👉  NO        Next Opportunity


BLOCKS (insert image here)

You know those mental obstacles big and small that stop us from our true potential.

👉 Professional or personal we all have them, me included. How we deal with them, well……   You know when I first encountered how debilitating blocks have become, I had to look at myself. What was it that was holding me back from short or long  term success with my clients? Why was coaching such a long-drawn-out process? Was it because the brain is so complex.? Was it because life just never stops moving? Was it because I wasn’t good at my skill?  ALL of  the above?

👉 Why could I not have them truly be able to self-help themselves? So, I dug deep.   I began to understand it is not just a problem. See, a block has many factors to it .A block is different from a problem. A problem for me is,  I misplaced my keys. While a block is a debilitating force preventing you from something you are more than capable of succeeding at.   So, why is it that you can’t succeed at it? What is that mysterious force? How did it get there? What do I need to do to remove it?

 👉 By exploring and using the techniques and skills I learned over 40 years on myself I found the key. I road tested a few   clients. I began to integrate the same tools in every session that I use on myself   with my clients.   Simple, yet highly effective tools. Their experiences went from being victims to victors in such a short period of time,it amazed me!  They acquired clarity and the skills to move beyond their blocks without me, my goal had come to fruition.



👉 Mindset, something that you probably have heard a lot about.  I admit,in the past I was kind of predictable with my choices because once my mind was set that was it.  Guess what, that really didn’t serve me well, let me explain. It left no room to experience, to grow. My core beliefs and values were set, but that’s not what I mean here. I mean leaving the door open to being able to RESET your mind.An open mind if you will.  One willing to have experiences that change the dynamics of how you grow personally. Experiences and knowledge that expand and move you forward with purpose.  See I believe , once you are clear on your purpose you operate on a much higher level than before. I know this to be true for myself and my clients.

 👉  You know Einstein said, Imagination is more important than knowledge. To IMAGINE is to grow. See, I believe that you can not create the life you deserve without imagining it first. This requires your mind to constantly reset. All events causes your mind to reset. 

👉  I do believe you mind is never really set Good or Bad, it it’s just temporarily stuck. New events, new circumstances, new skills always appear and change your mind. You know those AHA moments that create and spark your imagination, a mind reset! Remember ,at one time most people thought the world was flat, mind reset. How could we ever communicate through a box, let alone on our watch, mind rest! To imagine is to constantly reset your mind.

Set new wants, new needs,new desires, new goals, IMAGINE !



         I was thinking of holding this post off, ha, just kidding. Seriously though, I suffered from terrible procrastination. I excused putting things off that were vital to my growth .. Using the excuse “I am weighing all options”. When in fact, I just plain didn’t want to deal with it. I just wasn’t waiting and weighing my options I was forestalling the inevitable. It was just plain stalling. Stalling in hopes of some magic change that would never occur.

         So, what is it that keeps us from “doing “the thing we know we need to do? Well, I will tell you,   FEAR.  But usually it’s unfounded. It is the acronym F>E>A>R I love to use to explain what I mean. FALSE EVIDENCE THAT APPEARS REAL

            Let’s say you get a letter from the IRS, and it says please contact us at your earliest convenience. Well, most people never think talking to the IRS is convenient. So, you keep putting it off, the call that is. Because your mind is now   distracted and fabricating the worst-case scenarios, thus creating false evidence that appears real. Finally, you call after maybe a potential heart attack, no sleep, and a boat load of anxiety Guess what, all they wanted to know was that they had the correct mailing address. Yes, a stinking address confirmation.  

         Looking back on my bouts with procrastination I lost out on sooooooooooooooo many opportunities that could have served me well. How did I remedy this? Well, I love to be the best that I can be. So, I decided to be the BEST  PROCRASTINATOR , so I put off, putting things off.




 I want to open a discussion on discipline. Having always been a rule follower you could say I had a discipline of a sort. I mean you need discipline to follow rules, right? But what about self-discipline, where you write the rules.  Man did I struggle with that. Sometimes I found that my self-imposed rules in fact, were constantly changing to fit my mood and holding me back. They often created seeds of doubt. Do you find this to be true in you as well? Through self-coaching I have come to gain some clarity on discipline. See, for me discipline is seeing the act through in all its stages to completion regardless of the perceived obstacles.

         The trick is you need to be clear on why you are doing the task.  Because  if you’re like me I hate that I need to do most things.  Most times that comes with resentment. Which, in that case ,you will never achieve 100 % of that goal. Or ,do you even  want to do it?    They are both powerful in their own way.

         So, I guess what I am suggesting is to combine your “need to” with your  want to.

         Therein lies the differences . See need and want while two separate entities of thought, combined create a force for discipline. Each serves a purpose to each other. When you clarify how your need aids your want and visa versa discipline is not such a harsh word.