The Last Self Help course You will  ever  Need

Learn, Lifetime results oriented, Self-Help Coaching skills in just 8 Weeks with a Private Coach by Your Side.

The Last Self Help course You will  ever Need

Learn, Lifetime results oriented, Self-Help Coaching skills in just 8 Weeks with a Private Coach by Your Side.

Hi everyone, my name is Joe DeFrancesco and I have been involved in the personal development field for over 37 years as well as owning and operating nine businesses over the last 40 years. Currently I am working on an outline for my first book.

Also, I have launched an online course where I am teaching people to truly “self-help” themselves by breaking through personal and professional blocks without procrastination, stress, anxiety or fear.

Some of my certifications and trainings range from mindfulness, mediation, hypnosis, eft, NLP and of course Life Coaching.

I was one of the first coaches to be ICF Group certified in the state of NJ. My diverse business and personal development background has helped me coach a diverse group of business professionals.

Some of those business professionals ranging from hedge fund managers to professionals at IBM, Hewlett-Packard Packard, Cirque De Soleil, Goldman Sachs, Secret Service, ICAP Capitol International just to name a few.

I coach from a belief that given the correct set of skills combined with our own individual past experiences we can truly coach ourselves. J

Course Options

    • One hour of personalized coaching to:
      • Define and clarify your block
      • Set up a personalized skillset you can use to eliminate that block

     Clarity Bonus #1

    Getting clear on a new enhanced goal

    • Strategy Bonus: #2
      • Create a personalized focused strategy to reach that goal.


    Price Per Person:  


  • Features: Course / Full course

    • Eight 1 to 1 Personalized coaching sessions
    • A 5 module online course ( no module over 40 minutes)
    • All PDFs
    • Access to FB Group for Q/A
    • Private Email access for questions you want to keep private
    • Support Email for all other support on issues
    • Other questions * Bonus #1
      • One extra week to resolve any other questions
    • Dial it in *Bonus #2
      • A second week to dial it all in.

    Price Per Person:  


  • Features: Master

    This class is only for clients and who have successfully completed the SCM Course. It’s a deep level of subconscious learning that will put your success on Autopilot.

    Price Per Person:  


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Customers reviews

I was gifted sessions with Joe at a very trying period of my life. My mother was terminally ill, I had just gone through a rough breakup, and moved back to my childhood home (amongst other things). My weekly calls with Joe provided me a much-needed respite from the reality of my current situation, where I was able to speak freely about everything I was thinking and feeling in a judgement-free zone. Joe provided me with the tools to not only deal with the present challenges that I was facing, but to dig deep and reevaluate what it was that I wanted from my life, and how to go about achieving that. He showed me how my negative thought patterns were creating false realities for me; thus, generating fear and prohibiting me from taking charge of my own life. Just over a year later, I still refer to the notes I took during our sessions, reflecting on how far I have come, as well as reminding myself of what possibilities still lie ahead for me.

Jennifer Lemmen, Icap International, Financial Services

I would just like to convey my feelings about the benefits of working with Joe DeFrancesco as a personal life coach. I have known Joe for many years and he has always been a voice of reason in helping me through some challenges that come up unexpectedly.

I can pick up a phone and let him know what’s going on in my life. When life throws me a roadblock and I feel stymied, I call Joe. It’s great to have someone who will give you an honest and candid opinion. Many times, when you are in the thick of a situation and really can’t see through the problem. By having a fresh set of eyes and an open mind, Joe’s advice really helps me cut through the fog and see things for what they are and make me able to resolve the issues.

I really feel that Joe’s advice is well worth taking.

Thomas Gatto, G&G

During the 2020 pandemic, I was in a bad place, mentally. I was mentally and physically exhausted by both professional/personal stressors. The pandemic tested me in willpower in ways that I was never tested before. From the start, Joe was there by my side. He helped me build up my self- esteem, my confidence, and my willpower to handle multiple stressors at the same time. He coached me to achieve my success, to summon the strength that I have within. I became more spiritual after the pandemic and I thank God that I had Joe DeFrancesco in my life to guide me, assist me and I heartily recommend him for anyone looking that needs assistance in navigating life. Life can be tough…why go at it alone? Go to Joe D.!

Christian , United States Secret Service Administrative Staff Member

If you are searching for someone to help you move to a less stressful and more meaningful life, I highly recommend Joe De Francesco as a coach. I found the key difference between Joe’s service and others is that I came away with the ability to coach myself and not be dependent on someone else in achieving my goals.

Charles S.

We are a company who set and demand high standards. We strive to meet and exceed these standards daily. We have found your presentations to do the same. It is rare when a seminars enthusiasm lasts beyond the day of presentation, let alone weeks as yours have

Stephen P.

you have given us the tools to allow your seminar to carry over indefinitely

Mitchell L.K.)

Joe helped me to focus on the essential aspects of my business and to avoid being distracted by peripheral issues. I found Joe to be a great listener who was extremely intuitive and empathetic. His years as a business owner in New York City prepared him to see challenges from business owners’ perspective and to provide clear guidance that was based on ethics and morality which defined a vision of success for me.

John M

After your session with us, my team and I took your “subconscious” suggestions and put them to work. I don’t believe any of us lacked sales confidence during our recent trade show in Las Vegas. Your suggestions are still at work in us today and they certainly helped lead us to a successful show

Louis K.S.